30th May 2019 | London


Young Women in Business

London 30 May 2019

Day 1
30 May 2019
08:45 - 09:25


Welcome Speech

Kate Bassett, Head of Content, Management Today

The Ice Breaker:
How to Manage Distractions

This fun icebreaker helps you think about the potentially negative impact your devices can have on you during the event, and in your work life. We show how a digital switch-off can help you stay focused and connected.
Laura Willis, Co-Founder, Shine Offline

Leadership 101
Breaking down the glass wall

  • What is the glass wall and how do you break it down?
  • Why women are still suffering at work: addressing the assumptions and miscommunication holding women back
  • How to develop resilience
  • Strategies to reach career success (without having to be perfect)
  • Sue Unerman, chief transformation officer, MediaCom and author, The Glass Wall

    Turbo Talk
    Networking Know-How: How do we Maximise, Leverage and Grow Our Existing Networks

    • Networks: why we need them, and why they’re worth it
    • Your network: assess the strength of your networks (clue you should have at least 4!) and identify opportunities to improve
    • Using your network: top tips on how we should use our networks to assist our career goals.
    • Action: Dread networking? You’re not alone. We finish the course with practical hints and tips on how to develop an effective network
    Sarah Ellis, Co-Founder – Amazing IF

    Turbo Talk
    How to Negotiate

  • Whether it's asking for a promotion, pay review or taking the lead on a project and communicating your ideas, get practical tips on being an expert negotiator
  • How should you prepare and what are the most effective negotiation styles
  • Learn how to be flexible - without being a pushover
  • Find out how to help others see your point of view
  • Katherine Baker, Client Relationship Director, Simitri Group International
    10:50 - 11:10

    Morning Break

    Interactive Talk
    How to Shine Offline (And Break Your Smartphone Addiction)

    Interactive talk where participants are given the chance to reflect on their current digital technology behaviour and empowered to make positive changes.
    Laura Willis, Co-Founder, Shine Offline

    Ten Tips to Super-Charge Your Career

    Global brand consulting boss Jane Geraghty will be sharing her insights on accelerating your career and making sure your talents don't go under the radar, from how to understand your strengths and weaknesses to applying the lessons of leaders like Sir Alex Ferguson to build high-performance teams.
    Jane Geraghty, Global CEO, Landor

    Panel Discussion
    How to Manage Upwards

    • How to manage your boss: How to make your boss look good and “manage up”
    • Putting yourself forward and raising your game - how do you promote yourself to your manager
    • Taking credit, asserting yourself
    • How do we manage difficult conversations?
    Guest chair: Sukhi Jutla, Founder and COO, MarketOrders
    Ann Hyams, investor relations manager, Whitbread
    Catherine Thomas, Senior Divorce Lawyer and Co-Head of JMW Solicitors’ London Office

    My Story
    How I Went From Business Leader To Cancer Survivor

    By the age of 29, Natasha Wood was a super-successful general manager at a London publishing firm, managing a team of 23. At the age of 30, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She tells us how she battled 12 sessions of chemo, found her identity – and redefined success.
    Natasha Wood, Portfolio careerist: Writer, Coach & Motivational Speaker
    12:30 - 13:45

    Lunch Break and Meet the Speakers

    The Management Today Interview
    Going against the grain

    A self-proclaimed small-town American girl, Renée came to England in 1986, spotted a gap in the market for upmarket organic produce and opened Planet Organic, the UK’s first organic supermarket. Last year, she co-founded Beluga Bean, a business and life skills academy for women. She shares her story of challenging conventional thinking and finding the courage to go against the grain. 
    Renée Elliott, Founder, Planet Organic and Beluga Bean

    Turbo Talk
    How to Raise Your Profile

    • The Gender Say Gap: What it is and why it's holding you back
    • How to find your USP and become an expert or thought leader
    • Practical tips and advice on improving your visibility and increasing your own brand value
    Claire Mason, Founder and CEO, Man Bites Dog

    Panel Discussion
    The Future of Work

    Our panel will discuss:
    • The work/life conundrum, how we can improve our time at work and make our working day work for us?
    • The challenges ahead which are faced by organisations
    • If the advances in technology are significantly increasing productivity, should more companies look at reducing staff hours?
    Dr Linda Yueh, Economist, Broadcaster and Writer
    Sue Todd, CEO, Magnetic
    Dan Kieran, CEO, Unbound
    15:05 - 15:20


    Career Lessons from a Wannabe Popstar

  • Find out what Abba, the Rolling Stones and Fatman Scoop can teach you about achieving a happy and fulfilling career
  • Self-awareness is a lifelong endeavour - and the foundation of personal and professional success
  • Your development plan should focus on making your signature strengths shine
  • Building your resilience muscle is a pre-requisite for leadership
  • Rachel Eyre, Head of Future Brands – Sainsbury’s

    Leadership 101
    The Management Today Keynote

    Antonia Romeo began her career in the private sector before joining the civil service in 2000 as an economist. She went on to become Her Majesty's Consul General in New York. Now permanent secretary at the DIT - and tipped to become the first woman to head the civil service - she tells us about her career highs and lows, plotting Britain's trading future and empowering women.
    Antonia Romeo, Permanent Secretary, Department for International Trade

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